Risk acceptance

I (registration account holder) declare that I am duly authorized to act for and on behalf of the Minor as well as for all other members of my registration account for participation in one or more of the activities sanctioned by Physi-K Center and this, according to the terms and conditions of this document.

I am aware of the nature of the proposed activities and therefore acknowledge and accept that by participating in these activities, the members of my registration account expose themselves to the risk of injury, which can be very serious.

I declare that it is with full knowledge of these risks that I agree to allow the members of my registration account (as well as myself) to access the site and/or to participate in any of the events sanctioned by Physi-K Center.

Center Physi-K is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Medical care

-I agree to keep my child at home if he or she shows signs of the flu, has a fever or if his or her condition seems unsuitable for sports.

I agree that Centre Physi-K may place my child in isolation under the supervision of a trainer if he or she presents flu-like symptoms, until I arrive at the Centre to pick up my child.

-I authorize Centre Physi-K to provide all members of my registration account with all necessary nursing care in the event of accident or injury. I also authorize transportation by ambulance, or otherwise, to a hospital facility if deemed necessary by the management or by a trainer of the Centre Physi-K.

Waiver of all claims for damages & or material loss

On behalf of all the members of my registration account, I waive all recourse for any damage or loss of objects, during our presence on the site, during participation in one or more of Centre Physi-K’s events, whether such damage or loss is caused by an accident, the fault of a third party or otherwise. This waiver benefits the Centre Physi-K, its administrators, employees, members, and assigns as well as the promoters, participants, or any other person or entity having participated in the realization of the activity, its implementation, or its promotion.

Photos and videos

By creating a registration account and registering any of the members of the account, I authorize the Centre Physi-K to use any photographs and/or videos of me or members of my registration account for advertising purposes, brochures, newspapers, social networking websites etc. All material will remain the property of the Centre Physi-K. I agree to notify Physi-K Center in writing if I do not wish photos or videos of my family members to be taken and/or published.


I authorize Physi-K Center to communicate with me or with the persons registered in my account by electronic or other means in order to provide us with messages, information or promotions related to the activities of Physi-K Center. In order to receive all important information, I also agree to have my email added to the Centre’s newsletter but I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time.

Travel (day camp)

– I authorize my child to travel with his or her group and monitors by school bus and/or Laval transportation company for outings to the park, pool or special outings.

Autres documentations

By registering a member of my account to an activity of the Centre Physi-K, I also agree to respect the code of ethics and all the documents related to the different courses and activities of the Centre Physi-K. We agree to abide by this document of terms & conditions .


We, (I and the members of my registration account) declare that we have read the risks and conditions listed in this form and that we are able to undertake the program with full knowledge of the various clauses and accepting the risks that may be involved in the activities for which we are registering.






-It’s your responsibility to check your email and junk mail regularly and to follow us on our social networks to stay informed of special announcements.

-All payments must be received in full before the start of the activity in order to participate.

-To reserve a place in a group, full payment for the course must be made at the time of registration.

If a family has a balance owing on its file, Physi-K Center reserves the right to refuse access to all members of the family registered for an activity until the balance is paid in full. 

-Payments are accepted by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or cash.



·       Full payment must be received before the first lesson, otherwise the activity will be automatically cancelled by our system. (Except for our advanced gym and competitive cheerleading groups)

  • If you cancel an enrolment before the start of the course, the full amount paid will be refunded free of charge.
  • Any missed class, for whatever reason (except on presentation of a medical certificate) will not be reimbursed, moved or credited.

·       Refunds can only be made in the event of injury or health problems, on presentation of a medical certificate stating that the activity has been discontinued. The amount of the refund will be prorated for the remaining classes at the time of obtaining the medical paper.

  • If you cancel after the course has started and on presentation of a medical certificate: You will receive a refund for the remaining courses of the session (not taken) and a penalty of 10% of the price of the courses not taken.

·       In the event of a course cancellation by Centre Physi-K, we will reschedule the course or refund or credit the course.

·       If a course does not reach the minimum enrolment and Centre Physi-K has to cancel the session for this reason, you may either choose another day, apply a credit for the amount paid or request a full refund of the payment made. A credit and reimbursement is non-transferable to a person not on registration file.

·        For private lessons and room reservations only: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If this deadline is not met, we will charge you a fee of 10% of the reservation price.

*Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice for the following session.


– 18 months to 3 years (classes with parents) : sportswear

– Gymnastics : Physi-K jersey compulsory. Leggings or shorts permitted. Barefoot.

– Cheerleading : Training top and/or T-shirt. Shorts or leggings. Running shoes/cheerleading shoes mandatory.

– Jewelry may not be worn at any time (bracelets, ankle chains, earrings, belly buttons, eyebrows, etc.)

PRESENTATIONS AND TRAINING (pre-competitive & competitive cheerleading)

-When you sign up, be aware that cheerleading is a team sport. Attendance and punctuality at all practices and events is crucial. We understand that exceptional circumstances may arise, however, you must notify the coach or notify us by email or by leaving a message on the Centre’s voice mail.

-Competitions and events are compulsory and you must ensure that your child attends at the time requested.

-We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before class to change, remove jewelry and tie up your hair.

-Please do not prevent your child from practicing as a punishment for bad behavior. Cheerleading makes a positive contribution to your child’s life. Preventing him/her from attending practice will have negative consequences for the rest of the team including the coaches.


-A deposit of half the estimated cost is required to reserve a birthday at Centre Physi-K.

-You can arrive 30 minutes early to prepare the party room.

-Please leave the party room clean on your departure.

-Accompanying parents are welcome, but may not take part in the activity unless they are registered and have paid the fee.

-You must leave the room at the scheduled end of the party or you will be charged $60 per half-hour.


-To take part in our open gym sessions, participants must be registered on our online platform.

-Minors may only be registered by a parent/guardian online, or in the presence of their parent/guardian when registering in person.

-Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the activity.

-Only members and accompanying adults of children under 12 have access to the gym during the free gym period.

-Physi-K trainers are on hand to assist participants. Seek help from a coach if needed

-It is essential to respect the hours allocated to free practice. Participants will be allowed access to the stage at the exact time of the start only and must vacate the premises at the scheduled time.

-You must use the equipment properly to avoid breakage.

-You must replace all the equipment you use

-Access to the Move room is forbidden

-Any person who does not practice our various activities in a safe manner or who does not respect the rules listed above may be expelled from the session or lose his or her authorization to access Physi-K Center.


As a participant in free or directed training, I acknowledge and accept that the practice of this carries inherent risks, regardless of the level of staff supervision and the participant’s level of skill and experience, including, but not limited to: physical injury, notably due to a fall or improper movement, such as tears, strains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, or any other injury in addition to injuries resulting from accidental or unintentional contact between participants, injury with an object located on the activity site, such as equipment, etc. I accept full responsibility for any bodily, moral or material damage resulting from the inherent risks or dangers. Refusal to accept this disclaimer entitles the organization to exclude my participation in the workshops. Participant’s responsibility: I agree to abide by the safety instructions in place as well as any additional instructions given by Centre Physi-K employees. I also agree to participate in the workshop according to my level of ability.



– Respect all employees, members and other parents of the Centre

– Use appropriate language and act respectfully at all times with the Physi-K Center team and others

– Leave the premises clean when you leave a room

– No food or beverages are allowed in the gym (except water).

– If certain participants present particularities in terms of health, motor skills or understanding of the instructions, the Physi-K Centre managers must be informed in order to advise the trainers.


– Respect coaches and other students at all times

– Have fun and a positive attitude during training sessions

– During training sessions, sportswear is compulsory according to the requirements of the sport practised.

– Hair must be securely tied back and free from the face, or sufficiently short to ensure the athlete’s safety.

– It is forbidden to wear a blindfold or a “passe”.

– For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to wear jewelry.

– Glasses may be worn with a safety strap

– Leave personal belongings in the changing rooms

– An identified reusable water bottle is accepted but must be left in the reserved areas.

– No athlete is allowed to be in the gym outside class hours

– Clothing from other associations/clubs may not be worn during training sessions. 

– It is forbidden to chew gum or other sweets during training sessions.

– False nails are forbidden and natural nails must be kept short.


– Respect coaches and their decisions

– Do not interfere with your child’s training or practice

– Be as quiet as possible when you are on the mezzanine to avoid disturbing the students. If you need to talk on the phone, please leave the gym.

– Encourage your child to play his or her sport for fun and recognize his or her fears and limitations

– Pick up your child when the class ends. We will tolerate a 5-minute delay, but beyond that, charges may apply.

– The area next to the changing rooms is reserved for parents and visitors to watch the lessons. No other place is tolerated to observe the courses

– To speak to your child’s coach, please do so before or after class, depending on the

availability of the coach

– Parents who are more than 5 minutes late for class will be charged a fee of $1 per minute, which must be remitted to the coach who was with your child.

– Respect all rules and regulations given by the coaches and club staff and ensure that my child follows them.

– Any type of aggression and/or negative attitude towards a coach or club staff member will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to cancel your registration if you fail to comply with any of our codes of ethics.



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