Gymnastics is well known for the benefits it provides children such as the improvement of motor skills, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, autonomy, socialization, concentration and the most important in our opinion; the development of self-confidence!

We care about our students’ development and we focus on fun and positive reinforcement to make them shine a little bit more with each class!

With the use of our gymnastics equipment (vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor, trampoline) and through our fun, interactive and safe classes, each child of all ages and all levels will be able to find his or her place in order to develop and propel themselves at their own pace.

In addition, in order to further promote the development of each of our gymnasts, the groups are formed of a maximum of 10 athletes/coach.

Informations 2023-2024

SPRING 2024 session: March 18 to June 16
-Pre- registrations (winter members): February 20 to 27
-Registration for all: from February 28
*Schedules & prices posted on February 6

SUMMER 2024 session: July 1 to August 16
-Pre-registration (spring members): from May 14 to 16
-Registration for all: from May 17
*Schedules & prices posted on May 7

Starting with the 2024 winter session, a SHIRT will be mandatory. Visit our boutique to see models and prices if you’d like a Physi-K swimsuit!

*Baby gym and matinee classes excluded Sportswear recommended.
*Sportswear for boys
-No missed classes can be credited, exchanged or refunded. 

Baby & mini gym

18 months to 4 years | 45mins/week

Baby gym & mini gym sessions are held with the accompaniment of a parent. Through our courses on our gymnastic apparatus, your little athletes will improve their motor skills and learn the basics of gymnastics!

All classes are constructed with fun as a priority while keeping safety top of mind.

*Baby gym is not a directed class. The coaches will explain the different workshops throughout the gym and you will be free with your child!

Morning baby gym

18 months to 4 years old | 1h/week

The morning baby gym class was originally designed to provide a fun and accessible activity for stay-at-home parents. We are aware that it can be difficult to find activities for the little ones and that sometimes the mornings can be… let’s say… redundant!

Allow yourself to get out of the house and introduce your child to fun & challenging activities while socializing with other little ones. A trainer is always on hand to ensure safety and to guide you through the workshops.

Bout d'choux

4 to 5 years old | 1h/week

In groups of maximum 8 students per coach, your little ones will learn the basics of gymnastics in a fun way on all our equipment!

Artistic Gymnastics

6 to 14 years old | 1h30/week

This class is designed for girls 6 to 14 years old at the beginner level and aims to teach them popular gymnastics skills for 1h30/week. Your little gymnast will discover all the apparatuses and have fun, guaranteed!

Gym plus

4 to 14 years old | 2h/week

This category allows sportswomen to do more gymnastics and develop through our level system. An in-house competition (Physi-K Championship) will be organized each session to give gymnasts the chance to experience the competition! *One of the Physi-K jerseys is mandatory for the competition. Visit our store tab to see the different models and prices


+15 years old | 1h/week

Teen gym & Master classes are designed for those aged 15 and up! Whether you’re a beginner (or very much a beginner!), retired from gymnastics or cheerleading, come have fun with us! You will be able to learn at your own pace and without judgment.


6 years and older | 1h/week

This course is designed for students who have a preference for the floor. Skills and techniques on the floor will be taught according to each student’s level.

Advanced Gym


This category is by selection only and is 4 hours/week. This one is for the gym addicts! Gymnasts will be able to further develop through the intermediate and advanced levels as well as participate in our internal competitions!

Open Gym

6 years and older | 1 hour/week

This period allows you to come and enjoy our gym freely. A coach is always on hand to lead the warm-up, explain the rules and ensure the safety of participants.


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