School and group outings that shine

An introduction to gymnastics and fun!
For ages 4 to 17.
A busy half-day!

Fun and confidence-building!

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Introduction to gymnastics

Le Centre Physi-K offers a day of introductory gymnastics based on fun, the development of self-confidence, achievement and respect for safe, personalized learning in a warm, dynamic atmosphere!

With top equipment and trainers, your students will have the chance to immerse themselves in a fun-filled gymnastics experience. The facilities at Physi-K will enable you to experience an unforgettable moment in a safe, supervised environment.

Qualified trainers will guide kids through organized activities, giving them the chance to discover each piece of gymnastic equipment in complete safety.

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Zone Découverte, a division of Les Promotions Zone, is a travel agency and tour operator, licensed as a Quebec travel agent. We’ve been specializing in student group travel and organizing school activities and events for over 18 years. Over the years, Zone Découverte has become THE reference in Quebec schools. So it was only natural for Physi-K to partner with Zone Découverte to organize all school group activities.