When movement rhymes
makes you shine!

We make our students vibrate and shine in their uniqueness by getting them to take action to achieve the impossible.


Laval’s hottest day camp!
We offer your children a summer full of activities and outings, in a stimulating bilingual environment.

Located at the corner of highways 440 and 15!


Gymnastics is recognized for the beneficial effects it brings to children, such as improved motor skills, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, autonomy, socialization, concentration and, most importantly in our opinion, the development of self-confidence!

18 months to 4 years (with parents)
4 to 5 years
6 to 14 years old
15 years old and up

Laval's hottest day camp!

Specializing in gymnastics and fun!
For 6 to 12 year olds.



Our qualified cheerleading coaches with over 10 years’ experience share their passion and expertise with our cheerleaders aged 6 and up!

6 years old and up

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